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We provide high quality NDIS Support Coordination.  Hear what our participants and service providers have to say about Connect4U Australia.

C4U Testimonials

Since Brigid has been my Support Coordinator I can honestly say that my life is really turning around.

Brigid is caring and responsive and will look at creative ways that I can receive the supports I need. Brigid is always there for advocate for me in difficult situations. I can’t thank Brigid and Connect4U Australia enough for their help – I can 100% recommend Brigid as a Support Coordinator.

Michael Bourke


Connect4U Australia has provided my support coordination for the last four years. Andrew and the team have been with me all the way.

In that time, they have arranged assessments, therapies, aids and equipment items and support workers on my behalf so that I can achieve my NDIS goals. My Support Coordinator Belinda is genuine, approachable, communicates well with me and with the NDIS, and is always there to sort out any difficulties. I can honestly recommend Connect4U Australia for NDIS support coordination.

Rodney Fryers


Since the inception of the NDIS, Andrew from Connect4U Australia has helped me navigate the system to ensure that the supports and equipment my son has needed have been provided.

Andrew has built an excellent relationship with me and my family and always encourages me to have choice and control over the decisions that affect our lives. Without Andrew’s help, we would not have achieved the great outcomes we have. I wholeheartedly recommend Connect4U Australia for support coordination for people with complex needs.

Robyn Hurley


Several years ago, I was recommended the services of Andrew from Connect4U Australia. On my behalf, Andrew had contacted my local member who was also at the time the Federal Minister of the NDIS, Stuart Robert.

Andrew was able to assist me to renegotiate an improved NDIS package. The package was significantly improved with a substantial increase in staff support hours and new services available. Most importantly, I gained access to vital equipment including a power wheelchair. This has changed my life as I am no longer a prisoner in my bedroom.

Connect4U Australia continues to provide support coordination for me. This includes keeping me informed of service agreements and communicating with me on behalf of my health professionals. I am supported to plan ahead to prepare for my plan reassessments, and I am always given choice and control over important decisions. Connect4U Australia Support Coordinators are reliable, and are genuinely interested in what I am up to and what my current needs are.

Dean Adams


I am a carer for my younger sister who was born with brain damage and autism. Thanks to Margie and Connect4U Australia our lives have changed drastically for the better.

The effort that Margie has put into helping us have a more quality and secure life has been outstanding. As older folk our needs are now more demanding and Connect4U Australia has endeavoured to obtain many benefits and provide us with the help that we require. Wholeheartedly and confidently I can recommend these caring and efficient people at Connect4U Australia to anyone who requires assistance to bring security and peace into their lives.

Yvonne Hollingworth


The team at Connect4U Australia is amazing at establishing and maintaining professional relationships.

I enjoy working with them and know that I can trust that they will support my clients when they are transitioning from an intense rehabilitation environment to everyday life. They work with integrity and commitment to ensure the best outcomes for their clients.

Sally W


Saphire and the team at Connect4U Australia have made a significant impact to my family’s life. I have two family members with disabilities who are in the NDIS.

Before we engaged with Connect4U Australia, I was struggling to take care of them on my own. We were left with no support for over eight years. Since coming on board, Saphire and the team have gone the extra mile to make sure Brian and Thomas are connected with the right services, while providing support for me also, as I was experiencing carer’s burnout. Thank you to the team at Connect4U Australia, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an independent support coordination company that takes a personal but professional approach.

Emma Hartwig


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